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Project and development studio for web and mobile applications

About us

We're a team of Project Managers, Programmers, UX and Graphics Designers with years of experience in biggest agencies, research teams and software houses in Poland.

About You

We work with creative agencies, start-ups, marketing departments, companies that don't have inhouse development teams and everyone who needs to improve their online tools development.

Case studies

What we do

We design both UX and UI, with interactive prototypes. We take care of coding both frontend and backend of your project. We create web and mobile apps. We can integrate payment system into your application.

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Worked with us


PARP agency portal

In this project for a government agency, we rebuilt whole portal from scratch in Joomla. Whole portal, including multiple custom made modules, got WCAG approved.

Wordpress website for developer

We built a Wordpress based website for a housing developer, with CMS customized with added management of appartments and houses available.

Sebasian App

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NaoTech branding

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Elastic Search based solution for a publisher

Big publisher asked us to create a search engine, that would search for text through multiple websites with millions of posts

Wordpress based website for an NGO

We have created a website of Fundacja Aktywizacja - an NGO that helps people with disabilities. We made sure that website is fully accessible for their clients.


Jak pracujemy, z jakich technologii korzystamy, czy zatrudniamy fachowców z poszczególnych dziedzin, czyli najczęściej zadawane pytania na temat naszego software house.

Darmowe konsultacje i wyceny

Na pewno nie odpowiedzieliśmy na wszystkie interesujące pytania. Nie wiesz czy stać Cię na nasze usługi, nie wiesz z jakich technologii powinieneś skorzystać dla swojego produktu lub usługi, nie wiesz jak poprowadzić swój projekt. Napisz lub zadzwoń. Udzielamy bezpłatnych konsultacji i porad.

  • Desktop: Bootstrap 4, JavaScript (with jQuery and all libraries for it), CSS 3, Canvas.
  • Mobile: Apache Cordova, Framework7
  • PHP: Symphony, Laravel, Kohana
  • Python: Pyramid, Falcon, Flask, Django
  • CMS: Wordpress, Joomla
  • Node.js framework: Express.js
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search
  • Web servers: nginx, Apache
  • Cache systems: Memcache, Redis
  • We can integrate your application with: PayU, Braintree, Straal, PayPal
  • Yes. We cooperate with additional good graphics and UX designers.
  • Yes. Most of our projects start with analysis of actual needs of our client, then we take care of the project through all phases of the development: design, coding, testing phase, release and support after the release.
  • We believe the key to successful software development lies in the teamwork. 6 developers work inhouse from our office, and we cooperate with freelance UX and graphics designers and testers. Our office is suitable for project meeting with our clients and we do have a multimedia conference room.
  • We're following different agile methodologies, selected depending on the needs of the project and our client.

We can integrate online payments into your project

Monetize your business around the world.

For big websites and e-commerce platforms, there's a need for fast search engine that support auto suggestions. Our developers are experience in this scenario. Contact us, we'll show you examples of how fast your website can be.

What we do

  • Wordpress - development and implementation
  • Intranet
  • Gamification
  • CRM & ERP
  • Startups support
  • Online stores
  • E-commerce platforms
  • E-learningowe platforms
  • Chatbots - virtual client assistants
  • Client's portals
  • Online payments integration
  • Search engine integration
  • Support for existing projects
  • Design and implementation of API
  • Landing Pages
  • Content marketing websites
  • Online product configurators
  • Online reporting
  • Middle office systems
  • Websites for contests
  • Polls and data visualisation
  • CMS designed for client needs
  • HR systems compliant with GDPR
  • Websites for events
  • Online store calculators
  • b2b procurement platforms
  • Back office systems